Hip Hop Karaoke RETURNS to the Queen Of Hoxton for our annual Xmas Special! 🙏

The UK’s Original and Legendary Hip Hop Karaoke is back in its home for a special early evening seated version of the classic! Your chance to perform on our stage to the best crowd in London!

Over the years Hip Hop Karaoke has established itself as a a true ‘bucket list’ experience at both their London and national residencies and all major UK festivals and has seen thousands of amateurs and more than a few celebs on stage with DJ Rob Pursey, Host Bobby Champagne Jr., Jimmy Plates and the extended Hip Hop Karaoke family.

Whether you want to go classic with some Biggie, Missy or The Fugees or keep it right now with Drake, Kendrick Lamar or Kanye, this is your chance to live out your rap fantasies to London’s most loving crowd. With hundreds of rap songs to choose from, all those years of rapping along in clubs, in the car, or in front of a mirror have lead to this moment!

Lose yourself


It feels sooo good to be back – but in order to keep everything right – we must state the following…

– We ask guests to remain at their tables unless you are called to the stage, you need to use the bathroom or are going for a cigarette break. When using the bathroom or going outside we kindly request that all guests wear face coverings

– To allow for social distancing we have reduced and modified our table plan and our maximum party size is currently 6 per group. This will be strictly adhered to so we will be unable to accommodate extra people arriving on the evening.

– We will be using disposable microphone covers for every performance and also disinfecting our microphones between each performance.

– Requests to perform will be taken at your tables and we look forward to seeing you on stage!

Thank you