Getting on stage to rap in front of a swelling crowd, drunk on bravado, is, it transpires, an excellent pass-time. The good people of Wilderness have been throwing down their rhymes since time immemorial and of course, the veritable Hip Hop Karaoke institution we all know and adore returns this year with typical aplomb. We get the low down from the cats behind the raps.

What has been your favourite moment over the years of the utterly fantastic Hip Hop Karaoke at Wilderness?

Without sounding cliche there’s literally been so many, however in 2017 a young lad of about 12 years old called Rui shuffled on stage nervously before absolutely slaying a performance of Eminem ‘ Just Lose It’ – and rightfully the crowd lost it!

If you were picking a tune to rap what would it be and why?

It’s always best to go for something that has a big crowd sing-along so when that chorus hits and everyone gets involved it calms the nerves a bit. I’d choose something like Fugees ‘Ready Or Not’ or Coolio ‘Gangstas Paradise’.

Who is your dream hype man to join you onstage dead or alive?

I’d have to go for the greatest actual hype man in Hip-Hop History – Flavor Flav of Public Enemy.

Which is the tune that you know every single lyric to?

As the DJ I pretty much need to know all the lyrics to everything in order to help people out ha ha. However, whenever it’s any Jay-Z, from any era, my memory never lets me down.

Which tune popped your own HKK cherry?

Kriss Kross ‘Jump’

Any top tips for someone who’s never got up onstage to throw down at HKK?

Hip Hop Karaoke is meant to be nothing but fun, so step on that stage and just pretend you’re in front of your mirror at home and no-one’s watching – the rest will then just take care of itself!

Anything to add?

Just that we can’t wait to be back on stage at Wilderness – always one of the highlights of our year.


Catch us at Wilderness Festival Thursday 2nd – Sunday 5th Aug!

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